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Avon Pot and lid silicone mould

Avon Pot and lid silicone mould


Avon candle vessle pot and lid silicone moulds


A tall, sleek pot with a lid moulds, perfect for use with candle making or storage pots .


This pot measure

106mm/4.1 inches tall

83mm/3.2 inches wide

5.7mm/0.2 inche wall

96mm/3.7 inches internal height

71mm/2.8 inches internal width.


Lid measure

83mm/3.2 inches wide

9.7mm/0.3 inches tall


This pot holds 320g of wax.


This pot also has an adapted lid to create a reed diffuser.


All moulds are made and designed in our Devon workshop and are made to order.

~Our moulds are NOT to be remoulded.

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