Wax melt stand 1 silicone mould

Wax melt stand 1 silicone mould


Wax melt stand 1 is the first in the series.

This stand is designed around the widely available 4.5 inches/ 115mm glass max melt dish ( I will add a link )



The stand is made if two sections, designed to slot together and held in place with a 6mmx30mm dowl rod which needs to be glued and allowed to set, you can use either wood or pva glues


In the centre base is a cut of to hold your tealight securely.


Advisory- once you have poured your stand, allow to set fully and cure fully before sanding or erecting as early preparation can result in the base breaking.


The stand measures


152mm/5.9 inches tall (without glass bowl)

160mm/6.0 inches wide